5 Common Plumbing  Mistakes Made by Homeowners

Everyone has seen leaking water dripping from their faucet before and in the face of crisis, it is only natural for humans to overestimate their ability which in this case, their non-existent dexterity in plumbing skills. However intriguing to jump to yet another adventure of playing handyman, it is better to familiarize yourself with the technicality of plumbing to avoid common mistakes which may cost you more money than getting it done by professional or worse—your pride. 

Here are some of the few common plumbing mistakes to avoid :

Turning off the Main Water Supply

A plumbing project wouldn’t be successful without first, finding the main water supply and turning it off before flooding occurs. Every house has a connecting water line that will be determined by the location of their house, urban, suburban or rural areas. Figuring out the location of this main line or valve will prevent potential flooding in the affected area and a messy clean-up after fixing the leak. Although it is easy to find this main water line for professionals, without the right guidance it could cause a real headache to more inexperienced amateurs. Well, maybe it’s time to give that 24 hour plumber in Petaling Jaya service a call after all? 

Connection Overkill

When it comes to tightening plumbing paraphernalia (joints, faucet, pipes), less is more as some may misunderstand that the tighter your connection, the fewer chances of a recurring leak might occur in the future. Tightening these plumbing connections just snugly enough will actually help in securing the pipes rather than risking rupture and splitting of pipes due to the over-tightening.

Improper application of tape wrapping 

A seemingly trivial tip-of-tape application is actually one of the most important steps in securing your pipe leaks. Most homeowners aren’t aware of the clockwise rule of using the tape, best known as PTFE to seal their pipe leak and prevent it from undoing by itself. 

Step by step for proper tape wrapping :

  • Choosing the right tape for the fixture (PTFE, thick white or pink tape for water leak and yellow ones for gas line)
  • Wrapping it clockwise to put the tape in place.
  • Circling the tape around the leak three times while facing the left direction.
  • Most importantly, NEVER use thread tapes or other alternatives for the leaks.

Using Inappropriate Tools during the Fix-Up

Plumer makes plumbing seems like a seamless process due to their adequate training and most importantly, proper tools to handle the leaking problems. However, this might not be the same for homeowners and amateurs who tend to make do with their existing tools in the shed, eventually causing more damage than good to their pipelines. Thus, owning the right set of tools for repairs and installation is essential before proceeding with the projects. Well, nothing but a quick visit to your local hardware store can’t do right? 

Running Low on Spare Parts

Taking apart and putting back the old spare parts of piping lines with a new one is a part of the fun of doing plumbing by yourself—an adult version of a puzzle if you will. All fun aside, it is vital to always equip yourself with not only the right but also a sufficient amount of spare parts before starting your endeavors. If a pipeline is too worn out and needs immediate fixing, chances are some of the surrounding faucets or say, gasket might need fixing too, which is why having a few extras will come in handy for our plumber wannabe! Better be safe than sorry!


 These are a few common mistakes in plumbing committed by homeowners and amateurs that can be avoided with proper preparation and guidance. Nonetheless, there is such a thing as being overly ambitious and so, If a project might seem too much or complicated to be fixed on your own, remember there is no shame in seeking help from a professional.

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