Do We Need a Degree: A Discussion

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From the title itself, you can guess what we are going to talk about today. This is gonna be a hot take since the viral topic on Twitter lately. Do we need or do we not need a degree? This is the topic for today. It might sound a bit controversial and sensational but worry not, we are going to discuss regarding this matter today. Let’s find out what we have for this topic and what most people think about getting a degree and its priority. 

Degree: Is It Necessary

We would be discussing education generally. In most people’s opinion, education is very important. Recently on Twitter, studies show that 72.1% of SPM graduates stated that they do not want to further their studies. This is such a worrying amount and more than half percentage of the students refuse to continue their studies. They said they prefer to become influencers. This has arisen worries among parents and educational institutes and instructors. 

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This mean, that vital fields such as education, medical, accounting and engineering would not develop if they choose this pathway. Students who chose to study health science in Malaysia suggested that these mindsets should not be practised. There is no doubt that a degree is necessary in securing these courses.

Other than that, in terms of employment and careers, don’t you think that a degree is important? Most employers would prefer candidates with good educational backgrounds. It doesn’t mean that those without tertiary education wouldn’t be selected. The hard truth is most of them would be prioritised over those with secondary education. You cannot deny this fact even though it is a hard pill to swallow. 

However, if you think that you no longer have a passion for studying, it is best to do so. Sometimes, when you do not have passion for what you are doing, it would affect you in the long term. For instance, if you keep going on with something you don’t even like and understand, you will end up being disappointed and at the same time disappointing your parents. This is why passion is crucial, especially in something that is important like this. 

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Many people have talents in technical and arts. These people are talented and deserve to make their own decision. A degree is indeed crucial, but if you do not have the adoration for it, you would not be able to bear it in the end. If any of you readers are parents, please do understand your children’s wants. They know better than you do and support their decision as long as they are capable of doing it. 
It is completely understandable that some people might be asking why aren’t you studying and so on. Well, you just have to tell them the truth. A degree might be important for some, but for those who have skills and techniques or are business-minded, you can be successful too. But do remember to do everything within your abilities and do them for your betterness.

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