Maintenance of Health Equipment 

Usually in a large and huge hospital or medical center, there will be problems regarding the health equipment available there. This is because every day they receive patients and those equipment are used non stop. There is a need to have good maintenance of the health equipment so that it could be used longer. For those who would like to have a health equipment planner can go and have a look at health equipment malaysia as they offer various services regarding medical  equipment. 

Here we will be giving some tips on how to maintain health equipment at your hospital or clinic so that you can provide the best medical service to your patients without problems!

  1. Inventory management

If you are the one who is responsible for the health equipment at the hospital you are working, you can actually tag the equipment differently according to their types and register them into the online management system. By doing this, each device will have its own special ID, and they can be tracked easily by anyone. You can also keep updating if anything happens to the equipment, how much is left and so on.

  1. Regular audits

You need to always check each of the equipment by time. For example, maybe you could do a weekly check or twice in a month just to make sure the equipment is in good condition. You do not want the equipment to be not functioning while treating the patients.

  1. Establish routine of cleaning

For equipment that is regularly used, you may need to frequently disinfect it as well as clean it. But make sure the disinfectant and clothes that are used to clean the equipment will not damage any of the equipment function, including its outer surface.

  1. Good storage

Some equipment is very sensitive according to the surroundings. Some are sensitive to the sunlight, cold or dust. So make sure you keep them properly to increase their lifespan. You also need to make sure the storage of the place is free from food, water and flammable substances as we do not want any of it to damage the equipment.  

  1. Turn of the equipment when not using it

After using the equipment, you need to make sure it is turned off because for some equipment, turning it on for too long will cause the equipment to overheat, resulting in damaging the power supply. If the equipment is always overheated, it will decrease the performance of the equipment, as well as decreasing its lifespan. 

Why is maintaining health equipment important? 

  • Ensure the safety of the patient or user
  • Optimize equipment utilization
  • Cost efficiency, in which it is much cheaper rather than buying a new equipment (for huge and expensive equipment)

If the equipment keeps getting problems, you need to call for a technician to take a look at what’s going on. Don’t try to repair it by yourself or just hire a technician who does not have knowledge on that equipment. If the problems cannot be solved and might harm the patients, please do not continue using it. Remember, the safety of the patients is the number one! 

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