Reasons why Plastic Lunch Box are not that good

Although plastic lunch boxes had a brief period of success due to their appealing colors and availability, they were never a clear victor like stainless-steel lunch boxes, which have been in use in nearly all places across the globe for many generations. Plastic lunch boxes do not withstand odors and stains, which is a serious issue when it comes to transporting your lunch every day! Furthermore, chronic usage of plastics may result in hormone imbalance, which can lead to a variety of health problems.

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  1. Plastic Compounds are toxic

Making consistent excellent decisions that add up over time is the key to living a long and healthy life. Unusually, a single factor leads to poor health. Making numerous wrong decisions leads to poor health in general; it might be the 1000th burger that causes a heart attack, not the first. Toxic substances from plastic containers might leach into your meals. This can have serious health repercussions as harmful substances accumulate in your body over time.

  1. No plastic is safe for use

Bisphenol A, a very hazardous chemical, is used in the manufacture of plastic (BPA). Ingesting BPA can lead to major health problems such as cancer, high blood pressure, and negative effects on your prostate gland and fetal development. In today’s environment, you’re going to acquire some BPA in your system no matter what you do. Plastic is so pervasive. However, there is no need to add to your system by utilizing plastic lunchboxes, storage jars, and even utensils.

  1. Plastic may create fertility and reproductive problems

Pregnancy is already a difficult time in many couples’ lives. Several aspects contribute to your infant’s appropriate growth, many of which you have no influence over. Knowing that the process is difficult enough, you should avoid using plastic containers. Toxins that accumulate in plastic lunch boxes can contaminate your meals and damage your body’s immune system and hormone control. These can have an immediate impact on your baby’s growth in the womb.

  1. Plastic causes environmental issues

The final and arguably most crucial reason why buying plastic is a terrible idea is that plastic hurts the environment. At the end of the day, plastics are disposable containers. They’re doomed to wind up in the garbage and become a concern for the environment. The easiest method to eliminate plastics from your life is to replace them with superior alternatives such as stainless-steel or glass lunchboxes. Glass lunchboxes can be delicate and require special attention while using or cleaning them. Stainless steel lunch boxes are the greatest option since they provide insulation, are easy to use, and come in amazing styles and patterns!

In conclusion, although plastic may cause problems to human health and the environment, still there are some great quality plastic lunch box which has been proved to be safe to use for lunch box manufacturing. Thus, users might not have to fear using great quality plastic lunch boxes when you buy lunchboxes from 3 compartment lunch box Malaysia  

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