The Types Of Penetration Sex

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Sex is a natural phenomenon. Sex involves 2 humans being the two main categories between a male and a female where there will be a use of the reproductive organs. Typically, traditional sex involves penetration of the vagina and the penis. Because, what is the purpose of having sexual intercourse? It is to reproduce. Surprisingly, some of us do have sex for pleasure only. So, in this article, we will be going through some of the types of penetration sex out there. Do not go anywhere, stick around to find out!

Vaginal Penetration

This form of penetration sex is the most common form of penetration when it comes to sex. Not only that, not just humans, but animals also conduct vaginal penetration sex in order to produce offspring. Humans are very creative and freaky when it comes to sexual pleasure. Not only that humans insert the penis into the vagina during sex, but humans also insert objects like the best vibrator online in malaysia from Secret Cherry.

Anal Penetration

This form of penetration is a little bit unique. Why is that so? Because the purpose of the anus is to control the expulsion of faeces. Meaning, the anus is only to take things out, not bring things in. Anyway, this form of sexual penetration is enjoyed by both men and women alike. Apparently, some people find this form of penetration extremely enjoyable. According to some studies, some men find anal penetration enjoyable because the male g-spot is near the anal gland.

Oral Penetration

Oral penetration is where an object or body part goes inside the mouth. The front of your lips and the top of your lips is considered part of your mouth. Hence, anything that goes beyond that is considered oral penetration. In a nutshell, oral sexual intercourse involves oral penetration.

Penetration techniques

Overall, these are the 3 types of penetration in sex. However, there is no limit when it comes to creativity. Here are some of the penetration techniques that can be done during sexual intercourse.

  • Broadening: As the name speaks for itself, this type of penetration is all about making the clitoris wider during sex. You can start off with one finger, then add two to three more fingers as you go in deeper.
  • Shallowing: This form of penetration is just touching the tip of the vagina instead of going in. Studies say that this is one of the ways to feel pleasure without going into deep penetration.
  • G-regions: Touching the g-spot is the pleasure button when it comes to sex. It is said that the g-spot is located a few inches on the front of the wall of the vagina. Studies say that instead of going directly to the spot, stimulating the area until there is a sensational feeling for orgasm is already good for g-spot penetration.


In short, these are examples of the types of penetration sex out there and the techniques. There are actually more techniques out there that you can try during sexual intercourse with your partner.

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