Tips for Keeping Your Baby’s Skin Healthy

Because babies have a reputation for having flawless skin, the majority of new parents are surprised to learn that baby-soft skin is a misconception. In the first year of life, skin problems are rather prevalent. Here are some suggestions for keeping your baby’s skin beautiful and healthy. 

Dry skin should be avoided at all costs.

Not all newborns require the use of a moisturizer. In the first few weeks after returning home, it’s common for newborns to develop little patches of dry skin. Usually, these spots will fade on their own, without the need for extra moisturizer.

You can use petroleum-jelly-based products on your baby’s dry or cracked skin. You may also use a moisturizing lotion from Malaysia’s best online baby store, that is devoid of fragrances and colours, which might aggravate your baby’s skin worse. 

Natural plant oils like olive, coconut, and sunflower seed oils have been recommended as baby moisturizers, however there is some evidence that they may aggravate dry skin or eczema in toddlers.

Keep an eye out for new nail growth.

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Even if your child’s nails are short and thin, they may be sharp. Long or sharp nails can create cuts on the face or torso, so keeping an attention on your baby’s nails is a smart idea.

Because infant nails develop fast, you may need to file or clip them once a week or more frequently. To carefully clean and trim the nails, use a non-metal nail file or a baby nail clipper. It’s best to clip or file your baby’s nails while they’re sleeping or very calm to avoid injuries from abrupt jerking motions.

Assist in preventing heat rash.

If your infant feels overheated, he or she may develop a heat rash. It is more common around skin creases or regions where clothing rubs against the skin. A heat rash appears as little red dots on the skin and is more visible in newborns with light skin tones. When the sweat glands get clogged, heat rash develops. Sweat glands can get overworked or obstructed as a result of hot and humid conditions, oils, or other ointments, resulting in a rash.

Maintain your baby’s skin cool and avoid using oil-based products while treating them. A cold bath or towel might relieve itching and help eliminate the rash. If the rash does not resolve within 3 days, the skin seems infected, or your infant gets a temperature of 100 °F or higher, you should call your child’s doctor.

The umbilical cord should be looked after.

The umbilical cord will still be connected at the belly button when you first bring your baby home. Until the cord falls off in around 1 to 3 weeks, you’ll need to keep the region as clean and dry as possible. It’s critical not to pull on the umbilical cord or try to push it to fall off. It’ll fall off by itself. You don’t need to use anything to prevent infection or speed up the drying process, not even rubbing alcohol.

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