Types of Live Slot Games

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If you want to gamble online but still want the experience of a dealer, there are many live dealer games that can provide that. They range from Live Dealer Roulette to Live Slots and everything in between, and the number of different games and providers has exploded in recent years. According to the new Live Dealer section at Online.CasinoCity.com, there are 147 different live dealer games available from 46 different game providers at 268 different sites, and those numbers are constantly growing. Here we look at the top four types of live dealer games available to players, along with a few examples of each. Checkout live slot games malaysia here.

Here are some of the different types of live slot games:

  1. Slots
  • Players are aware that when playing slots in a casino or online, they must enter the amount of money desired for the slot and either press a spin button or pull the lever. When playing a slot machine at a live dealer casino, however, that can be done for you. Players can choose which slot machine they want to play and can instruct the dealer on how they want the game to be played. For example, you can instruct the dealer on how much to wager and when to spin the wheel, among other things.
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  1. Lottery
  • Live Dealer Lottery allows players to enjoy all of the offerings that a drawing on TV would provide, but at their leisure.
  • Like buying a lottery ticket, players can choose several numbers and try to match them with the balls drawn, but this time by a live dealer.
  • Side bets are permitted in some live dealer lottery games. For example, you could bet on the sum of the numbers drawn, the number of odd or even numbers drawn, and so on.
  1. Dice Games
  • Live Dealer Dice Games can truly replicate the experience of being in a land-based casino. There are online dice games where you can click a button and the dice will roll for you, but live dealer dice games have a dealer roll the dice for you, giving you a more in-person gambling experience.
  • Craps can be a complicated game for those who are unfamiliar with it, but live dealer craps is essentially the same game as craps in a casino for those who are. However, there is a dealer who serves as the shooter for everyone at the online craps table.
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  1. Baccarat
  • Baccarat is a popular card game because it has one of the lowest house edges among casino games.
  • The game of Live Baccarat is played exactly as if you were sitting at a casino table. You are competing against a dealer to see whose hand will have the highest value. Players can wager on which hand will win or if the game will end in a tie.
  • There are numerous variations of live baccarat. Baccarat Squeeze is similar to traditional baccarat, but with a slight difference. The term “squeeze” refers to the act of bending cards to reveal the value of the card to players. Because you can’t physically bend cards when playing online, different camera angles are used in Live Baccarat Squeeze to achieve this aspect of the game.

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