What Are Some Of The Things That Breastfeeding Mothers Need To Be Aware Of?

The period of breastfeeding is very long, generally at least 6 months, or even up to two years. There are a lot of precautions during this period, a minefield if you are not careful, what are the precautions during breastfeeding? 

Breastfeeding is an unparalleled way to provide ideal food and nutrition for the healthy growth and development of infants; it is also an essential part of the reproductive process and an important indicator of a mother’s health. As a global public health recommendation, infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life to achieve optimal growth, development and health. Thereafter, to meet their evolving nutritional needs, infants should be breastfed while consuming nutritious, safe complementary foods until 2 years of age or older.

No medication 

Many breastfeeding mothers understand that they should not use medication casually during breastfeeding, as it affects the secretion of milk, but it is a big deal if it is passed on to the baby through the milk, which can affect the baby’s growth and development. 

Pay attention to the hygiene of breastfeeding.

Always wipe the nipple with a clean, hot towel before feeding before letting your baby hold it. This will ensure hygiene, and you should wipe it after feeding so that no dirt remains on the nipple, and wipe the corners of your baby’s mouth clean so that he or she does not feel uncomfortable.

Maintain sufficient milk.

When breastfeeding, you must pay attention to drinking water and not reduce the amount of water you drink. You should also pay attention to the nutritional mix, as only adequate nutrition will allow your baby to have enough milk to drink.

Save the extra milk.

If your baby is full and your mother’s milk is still sufficient, it is advisable to use a breast pump to suck out the milk and then put the sucked milk in the fridge for freezing so that your baby can be fed when he is hungry or when your mother is out.

Nutrition during breastfeeding is very important as the mother has to gradually replenish the nutritional reserves depleted by pregnancy and childbirth, as well as producing milk and taking on the burden of nursing her baby, so adequate nutrition during this period is very important. The nutrients contained in breastmilk are ideal for the baby, meeting the needs of growth and development, and are compatible with the baby’s digestive capacity. If the mother is not sufficiently nourished, it will not only affect the mother’s health, but also the baby’s growth and development by reducing the quality of the milk. For the health of the mother and to ensure the quality of her breast milk, extra nutrients of all kinds should be added every day, while paying attention to the rationality and comprehensiveness of the various nutrients. It is suggested that you should buy some mother care products malaysia if you are experiencing this. 

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