What to buy in preparation for your newborn

baby online stores Malaysia

There are a lot of things expecting parents need to prepare before the arrival of their little bundle of joy. Luckily everything can be conveniently purchased from baby online stores Malaysia.


baby online stores Malaysia

Baby clothing sizes are typically labelled as newborn, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. However, a few brands do things in a different way and have varying sizing. Look for clothing that includes weight or height guides to assist you in finding the best fit. Some infants go directly to 3 months and do not need newborn sizes, but this is difficult to predict in advance, so having some newborn clothes on hand is a good idea. Also, make sure you have a few clothing items in a bigger size before your child needs them – babies grow quickly.

Consider comfort and ease in general. Look for clothing that is soft, roomy, and long-lasting. Choose well-made goods that will withstand repeated washings. Clothing with hanging down strings, tassels, and bows is also a choking hazard. Organic baby clothing is free of harsh dyes and possibly hazardous chemicals, but it is typically more expensive. To avoid skin irritation, always use a gentle, baby-friendly laundry detergent.


While fancy bedding sets are available in baby stores, all you’ll need are three to five fitted crib sheets. as well as some cleanable crib mattress pads (You’ll need an extra for late-night changes.) Some are watertight. Bumpers, pillows, quilts, and soft blankets, which are frequently included with baby bedding sets, should not be used in your baby’s crib because they raise the risk of SIDS and unforeseen suffocation. Wearable blankets made of fleece or cotton zip over your baby’s nightwear to keep him warm and comfortable. They take the place of conventional blankets, which are unsafe for sleeping babies due to the risk of SIDS. Swaddling flaps on some wearable blankets fold over your baby’s arms and stick with Velcro. Many newborns enjoy being swaddled, so obtaining a few secure baby swaddles designed for this purpose can make your job a lot easier. Some swaddling blankets can also be used as all-purpose blankets, such as covering your baby while breastfeeding.

Baby monitor

Baby monitors enable you to monitor your child while you are in a different room or even away from the home. You have the option of purchasing a basic audio model or a more costly video or wearable monitor. The majority of monitors use your mobile as a displaying unit, but you can also purchase monitors with an independent parent unit.


baby online stores Malaysia

Many new parents do not immediately start with a full-sized crib. However, once your baby outgrows the bassinet, you’ll probably want to transition her into a crib, so it’s a good idea to purchase one in advance and have it set up, complete with a reputable crib mattress.


Newborns typically begin with 4-ounce baby bottles, but as your child grows older, you’ll need to have some 8-ounce bottles. You’ll also need at least the same number of nipples as bottles. If you aren’t breastfeeding, there are many infant formula options to consider. Stock up on enough formula to last a few weeks.

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