What To Take To University?

Being a university student is not as easy as school kids where you will only need a schoolbag, notebooks, stationeries and water bottle but you will need more than that. It might cost you quite a lot but it usually lasts for a longer period of time. It is basically an investment that you have to make in order to have better study experience.

There are a lot of things that you need to put in your checklist so you will know which is the most important and which is less important. These are some of the essentials (electronic and non-electronic) that you can consider buying and bring it to your university:

1.       Notebook and stationeries

Notebooks and stationeries are very important for a student because you will have to jot down notes and you cannot fully depend on your laptop or tablet for this. Having a notebook and at least one pen is way more convenient especially for those who study nursing in Malaysia. It is small and lightweight if you want to bring it everywhere you go. Since these are non-electrical essentials, you will not need batteries and chargers to make it usable all the time. Stationeries such as pen, pencil, a pair of scissors, glue, stapler, paper clips and post-it notes are some of the important stationeries that you have to at least have in your bag.

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2.       Laptop or desktop computer

Desktop computer and laptop both have the same functions but laptop is portable and desktop computer is not. As a student, you will at least need to have a laptop because you will have a lot of assignments and you might not want to stay back at the library until late at night. There are a lot of affordable laptops that you can find at the store and might want to consider purchasing one. It is also useful especially if you have an online class because you can record the whole class and rewatch it later on. It is more compact and you can do a lot with one laptop such as note taking, drawing, editing and some other educational stuff.

3.       Flash drives or USB memory stick

Being a university student means you will have at least 2 and a half years of learning and that is a lot of notes, modules and exercises. This is a cheaper way to store your information especially if your laptop has a small memory storage. You can buy additional storage which is this USB memory stick at less than RM100. You can bring it everywhere you want and also you don’t need an internet connection to be able to access the storage. It eases your storage process because all you need to do is stick it to the USB port on your laptop and transfer everything you want into the flash drive.

4.       Headphone

This might not be necessary for some people but if you are living with a lot of people and you need to have online classes, having a headphone is quite necessary. It is less sore than wearing a pair of earphones because you won’t have to put it in your ears. Headphones usually come with a noise-cancelling feature which makes it better if you want to listen to your class while being at the café or any open space.

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